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If you are a talent in search of representation, you are more than welcome to email your information to us. Please EMAIL a professional headshot and resume with your contact information. If we are interested in speaking further with you, we will contact you.  Please understand that we can be very busy at times and may not reply to you immediately.  Also, we are very selective with our talent, and have a small roster and plan to stay that way.  If you were referred by a Client or individual, please put that in your contact information.  We are NOT an agency that offers classes, or training.  That is not what we do.  There are many schools, colleges, universities, and other forms of trainings, but we do not offer any type of those services. We would assume that if you are applying to be part of a talent agency that you have some sort of training in the field.  We strictly give the talent opportunities given to us from casting departments to audition to be part of the projects being filmed, or fill the spots of clients looking to fill roles.

Note about Kids, and Child Actors - At this time, we do not represent children under the ages of 18. We can, however, recommend legitimate agencies that do hadle Child Actors, but in saying that, we are not a referral agency either, so please do some research before contacting us about that specifically.

MODELS - We are not a modeling agency. Every once in a while we will be approached for “Real People” photo shoots, but we do not focus on models.  If you are interested in being a model/actor, then you will probably want to look for a agency that handles both of those fields with a department in modeling.  We are strictly Commercial, TV/FILM, and On-Camera based agency.

CLIENTS - Please contact us with your details, and we can put the right talent in front of you for selections.  We have other talent that are not listed on our link that can help you fill your project roles/needs.  And if we don’t have it, we can send you in the right direction of where to find what you may be looking for.

P.O. Box 38806
Charlotte, NC 28278

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