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The Tommi Jones Talent Agency has been serving the Charlotte and surrounding area since 1995. Started by none other than Tommi Long Jones who had spent more than fifty years in the Charlotte television, radio, and theatre scene - in management and as a performer. From Tommi's perspective, it was necessary that an agency be well connected and well respected in its business community and know the product and the community that it serves. Tommi was retired Vice President of Personnel and Training with Jefferson Pilot Communications, having served at the corporate level for all the JPCC properties throughout the country. Before starting the agency in 1995, she took several months interviewing producers, directors, and production company owners about what they look for in talent, and also interviewing talent about what they look for in representation.  As a result, she created a small "boutique" agency which caters to major film, television, commercial, and industrial films. Tommi built an agency that was about quality, not quantity.
 In 1997, Thomas Clark signed with Tommi Jones Talent Agency. Soon after joining the agency he was offered the position of Talent Scheduling and Managing appointments. In the pursuit of an acting career, and working side by side with Tommi, Thomas was able to learn the ins & outs of production and establish strong relationships with the local casting agencies. He has also been cast in national, regional, and local commercials and has had several film and national television appearances, which has helped him develop an understanding of all sides of the industry.
Although Tommi passed away in January 2013, we will continue to make this "boutique agency" a force in the entertainment industry. We have grown leaps and bounds and while we will keep growing, we plan to remain small enough to retain a personal touch with our clients and talent. We are, and will always be a well-respected talent agency, and will do whatever we can to fulfill the needs of our clients in the best possible way, with the best possible talent.


Tommi Long Jones


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